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SpaceTime Movement

with Nick Damski
Echo park, los angeles

YOGA, Movement, & mobility
For minds
of all kinds

Welcome to SpaceTime, a sanctuary for inclusive movement practice. This community was born of the belief that each of us is unique and deserves spaces that celebrate individuality and cultivate creativity. We run on a fusion of movement modalities, a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary exploration that welcomes and honors diverse needs and perspectives. Our commitment is to maintaining a safe, sustainable, and non-dogmatic wellness environment that nourishes mind, body, and spirit to discover, play, and grow. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or stepping into a new unknown, SpaceTime welcomes you with an open heart to offer limitless possibilities tailored to your journey. We hope you'll join us in the shared celebration of yoga, movement, and mobility designed for minds of all kinds.

Earth from Space



Adaptive Flow

A flowing Vinyasa yoga practice designed to be adaptable for a wide range of bodies, minds, and practices. This class meets you wherever you are in your movement development journey, offering alternatives for those just getting familiar with this branch of the yoga tree, as well as more challenging opportunities for experienced practitioners.

Explore freedom in flow.


Free Movement

These structured free-movement sessions draw from multiple modalities including Capoeira, Yoga, Dance, Calisthenics, Acrobatics, and more. Classes typically focus on a particular movement or combination of movements that we practice and integrate into an accessible, adaptable flow you can take to the gym or the park to make your own. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of their imagination as they explore new movements. 

Break free from your mat.



Mobility training targets specific tissues and joints of the body to build space and functional movement that is strong, safe, and supported. This work is beneficial for practitioners of a wide range of movement disciplines from martial arts to dance to traditional sport, but it is also a great treatment for the wear and tear that day to day life leaves us with. With patience and consistency we can both heal and grow stronger in this practice.

Fuse form to function.


In-Person Classes

I'm currently seeking a new studio or studios for group classes both as a scheduled teacher and substitute. If you think I might be a good fit for your space, or have studio rental space to offer, don't be shy, shoot me an email. For former and potential students wishing to know when in-person classes start up again, sign up for the mailing list or keep an eye on the SpaceTime Instagram account.

Private and Small-Group Sessions

My private sessions are person-centered and trauma-informed, because that’s how we roll here at SpaceTime. I may be the guide, but you lead the way to your unique goals. Privates can be focused on yoga asana practice, free movement and calisthenic-type work, functional mobility, or some mix of those and any other modalities that will inspire a routine. The best workout program is the one you can follow, the best routine one that you can complete, and I love helping set realistic, manageable expectations while not shying away from lofty goals. Rates are $80/hr for 1:1, $60/hr per person for groups of two to four. 


Email me if you, like me, prefer a conversation to a sales pitch, and we will set up a time to chat. I'd love to hear about your movement aspirations to see how I can help make them reality.

SpaceTime Video Library

Coming soon! In early 2024, I'll start to populate the Library section with pre-recorded classes, tutorials, etc. If you are a student and would like to send me suggestions for content, feel free to email me, I'm always happy to receive input and feedback. 

“Nick is a knowledgeable and talented teacher. He assessed my movement capabilities and designs classes tailored specifically to my needs. He also quickly pivots the plan for the lesson as needed to address any pain issues or tightness I may have that week. Nick’s expertise is impressive, and his fun, encouraging approach make me feel at ease. Yoga has never felt more accessible to me, and it’s a great feeling to find out that I can actually do a number of poses that once looked impossible!” - Jenny H.

Nick brings a sense of rigor, playfulness, musicality and community to his group classes that is unique in my 15 years of doing Yoga. Every class brings a new creative spin, incorporating something new while always respecting the fundamentals. He pays attention to his students and tracks their growth over time, giving guidance where needed and space otherwise. Nick is an awesome asset for anyone who works with him. - Josh W.


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